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Scientists thought that the brain’s hearing centers might just process speech along with other sounds. But new work suggests that speech gets some special treatment very early on. […]

Un estudio liderado por investigadores del CSIC demuestra la existencia de células madre en el hipocampo, que permiten producir neuronas durante toda la vida. […]

A new model of learning centers on bursts of neural activity that act as teaching signals — approximating backpropagation, the algorithm behind learning in AI. […]

Researchers discover that when the mind wanders or goes blank, some parts of the brain behave as they do during sleep. […]

When animals move through 3D spaces, the neat system of grid cell activity they use for navigating on flat surfaces gets more disorderly. That has implications for some ideas about memory and other processes. […]

Intrigued by an optical illusion he experienced while traveling in Scotland, Robert Addams wrote what is now considered one of the definitive observational accounts of so-called motion aftereffects. […]

Scientists around the world are working together to catalogue and map cells in the brain. What have these huge projects revealed about how it works? […]

Centenares de científicos han colaborado para crear, por primera vez, un exhaustivo censo celular y un atlas de la corteza motora primaria de humanos, monos y ratones, que mejora el conocimiento sobre cómo se organiza el cerebro. Según los autores, […]

Depression can be a frighteningly relentless condition. Luckily, researchers around the world are constantly working on new treatment options, such as a newly designed brain implant for resistant depression. […]

Scientists have observed a disabled kea using tools to help look after himself. […]