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European scientists unravel a Martian mystery. […]

Forty years after the Mount St Helens eruption galvanized volcano researchers, they are using powerful new tools to spy on the world’s most dangerous mountains. […]

Radioactive fallout is rarely a good thing. But new research suggests charged particles emitted from Cold War–era nuclear tests may have boosted rainfall thousands of kilometers away from the testing sites, by triggering electrical charges in the air that caused […]

Thanks to travel restrictions and plummeting customer demand, the number of flights in the first week of April 2020 was down 61% compared with the same period in 2019. The pandemic has emptied the skies of aircraft, but it’s not […]

Study highlights growing threat to food security. […]

El desierto de Atacama es tan seco que la vida debe recurrir a estrategias muy inusuales para conseguir agua. […]

En febrero de 2019 la nave japonesa Hayabusa 2 tocó un instante el asteroide Ryugu para tomar una muestra y traerla a la Tierra. Además de captar imágenes en alta resolución, la maniobra permitió estudiar de cerca su capa rojiza […]

And that raises questions about the Moon’s past. […]

Early 2018 saw unusually heavy rainfall in Hawaii. Modelling now suggests that groundwater pressure increased owing to rainfall: this might have triggered changes in the eruption of the island’s Kīlauea volcano. […]

Mammal lived with dinosaurs on Gondwanaland […]