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In three-dimensional space, the surface of a black hole must be a sphere. But a new result shows that in higher dimensions, an infinite number of configurations are possible. […]

Tractor beams make intuitive sense. Matter and energy interact with each other in countless ways throughout the Universe. Magnetism and gravity are both natural forces that can draw objects together, so there’s sort of a precedent. But engineering an actual […]

Reports that the James Webb Space Telescope killed the reigning cosmological model turn out to have been exaggerated. But astronomers still have much to learn from distant galaxies glimpsed by Webb. […]

JWST has spotted three tiny, distant galaxies that could solve a long-standing cosmic mystery. […]

El láser podría servir como nuevo sistema contra los rayos, según ha demostrado un equipo de investigadores en experimentos en Suiza. […]

Scientists have new evidence about how cosmic cataclysms forge gold, platinum and other heavy members of the periodic table […]

La fusión de una estrella de neutrones magnetizada con otro objeto compacto provoca una explosión de rayos gamma con propiedades inesperadas, que antes se asociaban solo a los estallidos generados en supernovas. […]

In a year filled with sweet new observations in astronomy and tantalizing breakthroughs in condensed matter physics, the brand-new space telescope takes the cake. […]

Discrepancy in measurement of a particle decay had raised hopes of new physics. […]

Los astrofísicos pensaban que las explosiones de rayos gamma (GRB) cortas, de menos de dos segundos, se producían por la fusión de estrellas de neutrones, y las largas, por la muerte de estrellas muy masivas. Sin embargo, se ha observado […]