En los medios

The microbes that live in your body outnumber your cells 10 to one. Recent studies suggest these tiny organisms help us digest food and maintain our immune system. Now, researchers have discovered yet another way microbes keep us healthy: They are needed for closing the blood-brain barrier, a molecular fence that shuts out pathogens and molecules that could harm the brain.

Mice raised under stressful conditions are more adaptable as adults—and may pass this trait on to their pups.

El riesgo de morir es hasta un 49% inferior entre quienes dejan el hábito y cogen peso, según un estudio

Crowdsourced disaster surveys strive for more reliability in online collaboration.

Half an hour of brain stimulation on sleep-deprived military staff improved their performance twice as much as caffeine

La mutación de un virus es la causa de millones de ejemplares de estrellas de mar muertas en apenas dos años. Hay veinte especies afectadas por el extraño “síndrome debilitante de las estrellas de mar” que ha desconcertado a los científicos.

Stress in this generation could mean resilience in the next, a new study suggests.

Frantses-hiztunek adoptatutako ume txinatarrekin egindako esperimentu batekin, ama hizkuntza ahaztu arren, garunak haren aurrean erantzuten jarraitzen duela frogatu dute ikertzaile kanadarrek. PNAS aldizkarian argiataratu dute lana.

Wireless links formed partly by lasers may offer a faster, cheaper way to improve mobile Internet.

Disease sites targeted in assembly of more-complete version of the human genome sequence.