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Environment and heredity might not contribute as much to cancer risk as researchers thought.

Editors are more likely to select reviewers of the same gender.

The discovery helps to identify dormant infected cells and could one day lead to a cure.

Oil palm has a reputation as an environmental menace. Can the latest genetic research change that?

Campaign on Wikipedia seeks to track down photos of female scientists and those from minority ethnic groups.

‘Leaky pipeline’ stands the test of time, with overall progress for women in research continuing at a crawl.

Artificial-intelligence programs harness game-theory strategies and deep learning to defeat human professionals in two-player hold’em.

World Health Organization publishes list that it hopes will focus development of antibiotics

As researchers open up to the reality of RNA modification, an expanded epitranscriptomics toolbox takes shape.

A host of detailed cell atlases could revolutionize understanding of cancer and other diseases.