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Genomic surveillance is crucial for tracking the next ‘variant of concern’, but many countries are winding back their monitoring.


Detailed radio observations turn up previously unseen remnants of dying stars in the Galaxy.

JWST has spotted three tiny, distant galaxies that could solve a long-standing cosmic mystery.


A major clinical study raised questions about one of the most celebrated cancer-screening procedures available, but a close look at the data tells a different story.

A class of drugs that quash hunger have shown striking results in trials and in practice. But can they help all people with obesity — and conquer weight stigma?

Moon landings, mRNA vaccines and climate finance are among the developments set to shape research in the coming year.

Study identifies neurons that can improve sound perception, which could explain the variation in performance in people with cochlear devices.

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Discrepancy in measurement of a particle decay had raised hopes of new physics.

The tragic deaths of 13 children in England and an unusual rise in autumn cases have put researchers on alert.

Two giant telescopes — one in Australia, the other in South Africa — will comprise the supersensitive Square Kilometre Array.