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Firms commercializing perovskite–silicon ‘tandem’ photovoltaics say that the panels will be more efficient and could lead to cheaper electricity.

The machine-learning model takes less than a minute to predict future weather worldwide more precisely than other approaches.

Impact with a body called Theia 4.5 billion years ago left remnants deep inside Earth — and also created the Moon.

‘Undeniably groundbreaking’ work shows that declining egg quality in older mice can be reversed with a dietary supplement.


At times, the enormous telecommunications spacecraft is brighter than some of the most iconic stars visible from Earth.


The four-legged miniature machine is powered by tiny explosions.

Oxygen-28 might prompt physicists to revamp theories of how atomic nuclei are structured.

Organ mapping studies show how kidney cells become diseased, and how cells from a fetus invade and remodel blood vessels in the lining of the uterus.

First primate studies to show cognitive benefits of the protein klotho could be a step towards clinical applications.

Two studies help to explain why colorectal and bladder tumours take a bigger toll on men than on women.