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Research supports Gould’s hypothesis that new characteristics evolve during periods of rapid change.

To understand what created the myriad fossil tracks at Australia’s Lark Quarry, scientists built a detailed model foot to make some tracks of their own. John Pickrell reports.

Paleontologists thought they had a good idea of the diversity of feathered dinosaur species. But a recent finding left them scratching their heads

Research shows that groups of robots need different ‘personality’ types to work collectively and overcome obstacles.

For the first time physicists have experimentally simulated a long-predicted relationship between two kinds of magnetic monopole.

Tiny tractor beams made from quantum-mechanical matter waves could make vital tools for nanotechnology

A study of the oldest minerals ever found has shed new light on Earth in the Hadean eon, 4.4 billion years ago.

High-tech methods such as X-ray fluorescence are revolutionising art conservation and authentication

Astronomers aiming to reconcile the observed and predicted masses of the Milky Way have discovered a vast cloud of neutral hydrogen surrounding our galaxy

The discovery that massive black holes existed billions of years earlier than thought possible is forcing a major rethink about galactic origins.