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A new technique will help genetic-test users make more informed decisions about their health.

Evolution has sculpted the human genome to cope with Earth’s toughest climates, inadvertently pointing geneticists towards medically important genes.

And caterpillars might be using the same viral genes to defend themselves against other viruses

A new study shows that the field suffers from a reproducibility problem, but the extent of the issue is still hard to nail down.

How a radical epilepsy treatment in the early 20th century paved the way for modern-day understandings of perception, consciousness, and the self

The New Horizons team may include more women staffers than any other NASA project in history.

At the end of June, millions of Facebook users changed their profile pictures to rainbows to show support for same-sex marriage—rooting themselves in a portraiture tradition that’s long used symbols to define and express identity.

Scientists still don’t know what causes the mysterious Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, in which people, usually children, suddenly see things change size

Products labeled «ginseng,» «echinacea,» and «ginkgo biloba» often contain no trace of these substances.