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Scientists working on human cells in a dish find new way to tackle rhinovirus – though a cure is a long way off

In 5 billion years our dying sun will transform into a stunning planetary nebula visible for millions of light years around, scientists say

Scientists have reconstructed the skull of an Ichthyornis dispar, a very early bird species that still had the sharp teeth of a dinosaur

Male conference organisers disproportionately choose men over women when assigning speaking slots

Researchers claim to have settled question of whether there was contact between islanders and Americas with construction of tuber’s ‘family tree’

Treatment for common cause of blindness could be available within five years, scientists say

Findings shed light on variations in response to treatment between diabetics –and could help identify those at high risk of complications

Synthetic bioluminescent molecules allows researchers to track individual cells in animals with unprecedented accuracy

A new theory suggests that Homo erectus was able to create seagoing vessels – and must have used language to sail successfully

Findings suggest increased consumption of ultra-processed foods tied to rise in cancers, but scientists say more research is needed