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The prehistoric shift towards cultivation began our preoccupation with hierarchy and growth – and even changed how we perceive the passage of time

Network’s estimated power use also exceeds that of 19 other European countries, consuming more than five times output of continent’s largest windfarm

Star has exploded in ‘fatal’ supernovae multiple times since 1954 – and is the first star astronomers have witnessed doing so

In a major breakthrough for artificial intelligence, AlphaGo Zero took just three days to master the ancient Chinese board game of Go … with no human help

Researchers identify Plasmodium simium in Atlantic Forest area of Rio de Janeiro state, raising concerns for eradication of disease in Brazil and beyond

Satellite data reveals trapped water across the moon’s surface – not just at the poles – in deposits from ancient eruptions, say researchers

From declining royal honour to refusing to sit for a portrait, correspondences show co-discoverer of evolutionary theory avoiding publicity

Despite being among the most recognisable, common fossils, not one has been found that gives us an accurate idea of how the animals looked in life

Fake news spread by those with a profit motive is leaving many people oblivious to the threat of climate change, says former head of US space agency

It has taken 60 years for bacteria to become resistant to vancomycin; modified drug now works in three ways, making it harder for bugs to develop resistance