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Fifty years ago today, Russian Cosmonaut Alexey Leonov did something no human had ever done before. He jumped out of a spacecraft and into space. «The silence struck me,» he recalls, according to «I could hear my heart beating so clearly. I could hear my breath — it even hurt to think.»

Sidewalk rage, road rage and anger at slow-loading web pages are all part of our evolutionary inheritance

John Calhoun studied behavior during overcrowding in mice and rats

Teachers’ unconscious beliefs in the aptitude of boys over girls come out when grading math tests

A small study showed impressive categorizing abilities in three pigeons

Naked mole rats enjoy exceptionally long, healthy lives, and there’s more than good genes at work

Sailors navigating with sextant, compass and maps found in the Marshall Islands that curved sticks and cowry shells were far more sophisticated.

Borneo’s mammals are threatened by a one-two punch of logging and climate change, but only a small amount of additional land needs to be protected to safeguard many of the species at risk, scientists report in Current Biology.

The first test of micro-machines on a living mouse marks a breakthrough in the field of nano-robotics

A newly proven method can pinpoint the age of stars with at least 90% accuracy