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The prevailing theory is that the first Americans arrived in a single wave, and all Native American populations today descend from this one group of adventurous founders. But now there’s a kink in that theory. The latest genetic analyses back up skeletal studies suggesting that some groups in the Amazon share a common ancestor with indigenous Australians and New Guineans. The find hints at the possibility that not one but two groups migrated across these continents to give rise to the first Americans.

A lab experiment used a device called a frequency comb to send fiber optic data a record-breaking distance with no signal loss

It is the 1st century AD and 50,000 screaming ancient Romans are crammed into the tight seats of the Colosseum, then officially called the «Flavian Amphitheater.» As the din of the rowdy crowd grows louder, the gladiators in the arena brace themselves for what’s about to come. All of sudden, the spectators erupt as wild beasts emerge from trap doors in the Colosseum’s floor. Lions, wolves, leopards and bears arise out of seemingly hidden holes in the ground. Swords are raised and fangs are flashed as the bloody, gruesome battle between man and beast begins.

The white bloom marring the face of a chocolate bar hidden away for a bit too long, thankfully, doesn’t mean the candy can’t be consumed. But it does seem to change the flavor. Now researchers have figured out exactly what happens to compromised chocolate, and are offering hints on how to prevent the problem in the first place

The approach uses an enzyme to snip off the parts of blood cells that can prove problematic.

A device that tracks blood sugar and automatically administers insulin and glucagon could take some pressure off Type 1 diabetes patients and their parents

Lab tests suggest that infants learn more about the world around them when they encounter and investigate unexpected phenomena

The wandering thoughts brought on by fatigue can lead to insight

Creases, ridges, folds and «delaminated buckles» are all different forms of wrinkling.

Fifty years ago today, Russian Cosmonaut Alexey Leonov did something no human had ever done before. He jumped out of a spacecraft and into space. «The silence struck me,» he recalls, according to «I could hear my heart beating so clearly. I could hear my breath — it even hurt to think.»