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Bewilderment is the antidote to scientific reductionism.

George Chapline, a physicist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, doesn’t doesn’t believe black holes are real. In 2005, he told Nature that “it’s a near certainty that black holes don’t exist” and — building on previous work he’d done with physics Nobel laureate Robert Laughlin — introduced an alternative model that he dubbed “dark energy stars.”

In studies of children and historical figures, IQ falls short as a measure of success.

A scientist tells us how her field instills timefulness.

In fact, some might say that a principal goal of the LHC and future colliders will be to create and study dark matter. For that to happen, there must be a means for the visible universe and the dark universe to communicate with each other. In other words, the constituents of the particles that we collide must be capable of interacting with the putative dark-matter particles via fundamental forces.

Rising temperatures are bringing ethnic tensions to a boil in Central Asia.

Something like this scenario has actually been discovered in nature, albeit not with humans.

In a colonized universe the probability of the annihilation of the human race could actually rise rather than fall.

Alex Honnold doesn’t experience fear like the rest of us.

Music that upsets expectations is what makes your gray matter sing.