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Analysis of recruitment data strongly supports anecdotal evidence that the field struggles to retain women early in their careers.

Polygenic risk scores represent a giant leap for gene-based diagnostic tests. Here’s why they’re still so controversial.

Nearly 1,000 babies were born with the infection in 2017.

The ancient human remains were found using a method that can scan thousands of bones relatively quickly.

How voltage readings from individual neurons could power the next revolution in neuroscience.

Spinal-cord injury can render intact neuronal circuits functionally dormant. Targeted reduction of neuronal inhibition in the injured region has now enabled reactivation of these circuits in mice, restoring basic locomotion.

Influence of his book ‘What is Life?’ celebrated and discussed 75 years on.

Eleven research funders in Europe announce ‘Plan S’ to make all scientific works free to read as soon as they are published.

A signal indicating that the boson decays into bottom quarks had been difficult to pick out from data.

Analysis finds that prenatal exposure to the pesticide is associated with a higher risk of severe autism with intellectual impairment.