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A set of troubling charts shows how little progress nations have made toward limiting greenhouse-gas emissions.

Researchers and policymakers rely on computer simulations called integrated assessment models to determine the best strategies for tackling climate change. Here, scientists present opposing views on the suitability of these simulations.

In a small trial, drugs seemed to rejuvenate the body’s ‘epigenetic clock’, which tracks a person’s biological age.

Isotopes that caused a radiation spike earlier this month probably came from an exploding nuclear-reactor core — but device’s application is still unknown.

16,000-year-old artefacts discovered in Idaho could be the oldest ever found on the continent.

The drug-resistant form of the virus has been detected at unacceptable levels across Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The research could eventually lead to new sources of organs for transplant, but ethical and technical hurdles need to be overcome.

Anaesthetist John Carlisle has spotted problems in hundreds of research papers — and spurred a leading medical journal to change its practice.

A giant data store quietly being built in India could free vast swathes of science for computer analysis — but is it legal?

Behavioural evidence suggests that targeting just 20 neurons prompted animals to ‘see’ an image.