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The furor over a Facebook experiment suggests that few people realize how often Web companies test out new product features on them.

Can an aging corporation’s adventures in fundamental physics research open a new era of unimaginably powerful computers?

Power plants waste huge amount of energy as heat—about 40 to 80 percent of the total in the fuel they burn. A new device could reduce that waste, cutting fuel consumption and carbon emissions by as much as 3 percent and saving companies millions of dollars. (Three percent might not seem like much, but for context, air travel accounts for 2 percent of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions.)

Coconut flesh contains secret ingredients that dramatically enhance its ability to store hydrogen, say material scientists.

A coal plant that opened today in Saskatchewan captures and buries the carbon dioxide it emits—with two significant caveats: it still emits as much carbon dioxide as a natural gas power plant, and the carbon dioxide it buries is being used to force more oil out of the ground.