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Physicists see complex behaviour emerge from simple capacities.

Big data and geographers combine to better calculate how to climb up slopes.

Chinese research shows tiny mass-produced bots can organise collectively depending on the environment.

For some diseases, ethnicity counts. But researchers have found some cell lines classified as African American are in fact European.

Whole system analysis finds hydro dams damage downstream ecosystems.

Some twin-systems might be prime targets for alien life

Nanofabbed bots are small enough to be delivered via syringe, raising all sorts of fantastic voyage possibilities.

Research suggests the trademark markings protect against insect bites

Mann, a professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University in the US and one of the most famous climate scientists in the world, is the man behind the infamous “hockey stick” graph, which came out in 1998 and for many became the first piece of understandable data that showed the effect humans were having on the climate.

“Exceptional” African specimen excites paelontologists