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Thriving ancient societies often collapsed after a period of change – and a trio of anthropologists claim a statistical tool could let them predict when it will happen down the track.

If true, this would be a revolution of almost Einsteinian proportions. But don’t fall off your chair just yet.

The Barbados bullfinch and Carib grackle are no birdbrains – but the ability to pass a tricky test wasn’t correlated with traits such as shyness or problem-solving.

The Olympics are a stirring demonstration of human physical achievement – and physics.

Against a backdrop of increasing tensions and Cold War nuclear threats, an act of war was detected. But the culprit wasn’t from Earth.

Tilted pillars, cracked steps and sliding stone canopies in Indian temples are being used to reconstruct earthquakes.

The gravitational pull of the sun and the moon has a tidal effect on the Earth’s crust that gives scientists new insights into the mechanics of the San Andreas fault. Bill Condie reports.

A NASA supercomputer simulation captures a mix of radiation, magnetic fields, gravity and other physical phenomena to give a view of the galaxy 700,000 years ago.

If the spacecraft’s rocket doesn’t fire at the right time, its 2.8-billion-kilometre journey will be for nought.

A new NASA study tries to work out what the atmospheres of ‘hot Jupiters’ have in common.