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A new engine one micron in diameter relies on the tension between two liquids.

Quantum physicist Michelle Simmons was last week declared Australian of the Year – a high honour indeed. The accolade propelled her into the public eye, but within the science community her work has long been the subject of fascination.

Copying ability sheds light on killer whale “dialects”

The mechanisms that govern the abilities of some animals to regrow lost tissue represent a challenge for geneticists.

Swedish study suggests multicellular life might have needed low, not high, oxygen levels in order to thrive

Citizen scientists combine to identify longest chain of synchronised exoplanets ever discovered – and best described by the language of music.

In a surprising finding, some markers believed to be environmental in origin are repeated in twins.

Climate modelling finds temperature increase as significant as conflict in creating asylum-seekers.

Uncovering a crucial sociability circuit brings a therapeutic remedy for autism a step closer.

NASA’s Kepler satellite provides detailed data to overturn conventional thinking on magnetism and accretion discs.