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For demanding futurists like Anton van den Hengel, the revolution cannot come quickly enough.

Enduring mystery of how soot forms at last resolved.

Australian-led team estimates star formation rate in Large and Small Magellanic Clouds.

Even in a rigged competition, men think winning makes them more attractive.

Garnet discovery may prompt changes to search protocols for life on Mars

Major study identified thresholds and tipping points that could trigger environmental disaster, even if emissions are curbed.

A museum piece provides the basis for a new examination of ancient metallurgy, providing new glimpses into Bronze Age life.

Physicists find that internet hate groups can be described using a theory that predicts the formation of gels.

The power of physical theory drives us to know the world in ever-finer detail.

The dust that coats much of the surface of Mars originates largely from a single thousand-kilometer-long geological formation near the Red Planet’s equator, scientists have found.