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The latest in high-density ultra-durable data storage has been perfected over billions of years by nature itself.

The destruction of Pangaea triggered warming carbon dioxide levels, modelling finds.

A high-tech spin on an ancient system could signal a revolution in high-speed computation.

Millions of people use cannabis as a medicine. That’s not based on clinical evidence, nor do we know which of the hundreds of compounds in the plant is responsible for its supposed effects.

Collaboration reveals famous ancient vase was not made the way the catalogues say

A population analysis finds no evidence to support current theories of post-menopausal survival.

Two of history’s greatest physicists argued for decades over one of the deepest mysteries of quantum mechanics. Today, their successors are opening new fronts in the battle to understand ‘spooky action at a distance’

Novel experiment finds some microbes are better adapted to space travel than others.

Tectonic plates, extreme weather, magma movements and even the effects of climate change can all play a role in triggering volcanic eruptions

“Mergeable nervous systems” can create flexible, self-adapting robots. Michael Lucy reports.