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By placing wild mice in large outdoor enclosures, an ambitious team of scientists has illustrated the full process of natural selection in a single study.

In 2014, microbiologists began a study that they hope will continue long after they’re dead.

Strategists considered sacrificing older pilots to patrol the skies in flying reactors.

And they react to the buzzing of pollinators by sweetening their nectar.

The Cuban cricket crisis is the latest in a long history of human-animal misunderstandings.

By growing cells in unrealistic liquids, they may have inadvertently skewed the results of their experiments.

For years, more men than women were allowed to use the world’s most powerful telescope—until the system changed.

Chewed tar is an unexpectedly great source of ancient DNA.

The worst extinction in Earth’s history offers chilling predictions for the planet’s future—and for humanity’s efforts to keep climate doom at bay.

By working for the CIA, a crack team of researchers honed the United States’ first formal peacetime campaign of propaganda and manipulation.