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In a groundbreaking move, the beautiful but uncomfortable documentary forces viewers to acknowledge their own complicity in the decline of nature.

A doomsday fungus known as Bd has condemned more species to extinction than any other pathogen.

A newly discovered giant virus turns its victims to “stone.”

Geo-engineering won’t hurt a bit, at least compared with climate change—and it deserves serious investigation, according to the authors of a recent study.

Intelligent planet-hoppers could populate a galaxy in as little as 650,000 years.

The technology can do a lot of good. But it cannot match the ambition of a Green New Deal.

This “spectacular” pathogen dissolves its host from inside out.

The cosmos is crowded with the names of men, but a 2020 mission will make the balance a little less lopsided.

Artifacts have genetic material hidden inside, which can help scientists understand the past.

Uncommon tongues are more likely to last when young people are actively speaking them.