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This “spectacular” pathogen dissolves its host from inside out.

The cosmos is crowded with the names of men, but a 2020 mission will make the balance a little less lopsided.

Artifacts have genetic material hidden inside, which can help scientists understand the past.

Uncommon tongues are more likely to last when young people are actively speaking them.

Only a tiny difference separates docile workers from those that can dethrone a queen.

By placing wild mice in large outdoor enclosures, an ambitious team of scientists has illustrated the full process of natural selection in a single study.

In 2014, microbiologists began a study that they hope will continue long after they’re dead.

Strategists considered sacrificing older pilots to patrol the skies in flying reactors.

And they react to the buzzing of pollinators by sweetening their nectar.

The Cuban cricket crisis is the latest in a long history of human-animal misunderstandings.