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The year’s most acrimonious scientific fight is a mega-drama over a mega-drought.

By picking up on patterns too subtle for humans to notice, non-line-of-sight imaging can see around corners and through walls

It’s the heat, not the humidity.

Experts still vehemently disagree over when one of the biggest eruptions of the Holocene actually happened.

During the rise of mammals, Earth’s temperatures spiked in a scary way that the planet may experience again soon.

Some weaken their hosts’ immune systems by sacrificing themselves in kamikaze fashion, paving the way for successful infections later.

A major new study questions the common wisdom about how we should choose our careers.

The plasma waves between Saturn and its icy moon Enceladus sound like eerie music to our ears.

Scientists are just beginning to understand how microscopic organisms that rise out of the ocean can help manage global temperatures.

A visit to a facility in Guangdong province, where researchers are tinkering with monkey brains in order to understand the most severe forms of autism