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Algorithms that use the brain’s communication signal can now work on analog neuromorphic chips, which closely mimic our energy-efficient brains. […]

Researchers have mapped hundreds of semantic categories to the tiny bits of the cortex that represent them in our thoughts and perceptions. What they discovered might change our view of memory. […]

A study shows “sonogenetics” could be a useful new tool in neuroscience and other fields. […]

Musika entzutea, piezaren, unearen eta entzulearen arabera, izan daiteke hunkigarria, dantzagarria, gozagarria, mingarria, iradokitzailea… Gutxi batzuentzat, ordea, ez da ezer; ez die ezer eragiten. Ez sentipenik, ez emoziorik, ez erantzun neurologiko zein fisiologikorik: anhedonia musikala dute. Berezitasun horren oinarriak eta […]

Familiar categories of mental functions such as perception, memory and attention reflect our experience of ourselves, but they are misleading about how the brain works. More revealing approaches are emerging. […]

Despite us having mapped and categorized so much of mammal biology already, there are still new surprises lying in wait. Now, scientists have found two new types of glia – a type of support cell – in mouse brains. […]

Las alteraciones en el sistema de recompensa del cerebro se asemejan a las que presentan las personas con un trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo. […]

Archaeological finds suggest that people developed numbers tens of thousands of years ago. Scholars are now exploring the first detailed hypotheses about this life-changing invention. […]

Manipulating the production of new neurons can improve cognition in animal models of the disease, raising the possibility that figuring out a way for humans to make more neurons could make a difference for people with dementia. […]

De los 10 retratos a enfermos mentales que pintó hacia el año 1820 el francés Théodore Géricault, conocidos como “monomanías”, únicamente cinco se han conservado hasta nuestros días. La curiosidad e insistencia del biólogo español Javier S. Burgos le han […]