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Rethinking questions and chasing patterns led Newton to find the connection between curves and infinite sums. […]

New research finds that chaos plays a bigger role in population dynamics than decades of ecological data seemed to suggest. […]

Three computer scientists have posted a proof of the NLTS conjecture, showing that systems of entangled particles can remain difficult to analyze even away from extremes. […]

Con la ayuda de las matemáticas y la mosca de la fruta, investigadores de los institutos IBiS de Sevilla e I2SysBio de Valencia han elaborado un modelo que relaciona por primera vez la geometría de un tejido epitelial y sus […]

Artificial intelligence has bested humans at problem-solving challenges like chess and Go. Is mathematics research next? Steven Strogatz speaks with mathematician Kevin Buzzard to learn about the effort to translate math into language that computers understand. […]

Maryna Viazovska, who works on the geometry of spheres, is one of four winners of this year’s Fields Medals. […]

For decades mathematicians have searched for a specific pair of surfaces that can’t be transformed into each other in four-dimensional space. Now they’ve found them. […]

Four puzzle solutions reveal different ways to divine someone’s hidden number with impossibly little information. […]

Reflexiones sobre una conocida excusa que retrata negativamente a quien la utiliza […]

Un ejercicio de sagacidad y un poco de paciencia en el que un jardín se convierte en puntos y rectas en un plano […]