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Inspired by the results of a game-playing neural network, mathematicians have been making unexpected advances on an age-old math problem. […]

Prolific generation of data drove the need for prefixes that denote 1027 and 1030. […]

Recent explorations of unique geometric worlds reveal perplexing patterns, including the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. […]

In his senior year of high school, Daniel Larsen proved a key theorem about Carmichael numbers — strange entities that mimic the primes. “It would be a paper that any mathematician would be really proud to have written,” said one […]

The decades-old Sullivan’s conjecture, about the best way to minimize the surface area of a bubble cluster, was thought to be out of reach for three bubbles and up — until a new breakthrough result. […]

La resolución y sensibilidad de las imágenes que envía la sonda espacial requieren protegerla de la radiación y que siempre esté orientada hacia el Sol, la Tierra y la Luna […]

Topology, sometimes called rubber sheet geometry, is finding patterns in the brain, drugs and evolution […]

Field research suggests a new explanation for the synchronized flashing in fireflies and confirms that a novel form of “chimeric” synchrony occurs naturally. […]

A custom-built machine learning algorithm can predict when a complex system is about to switch to a wildly different mode of behavior. […]

What’s a message, really? Claude Shannon recognized that the elemental ingredient is surprise. […]