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Si barajamos un mazo de cartas, es probable que el orden exacto en el que lo pongamos nunca haya existido antes en la historia del universo […]

The n-queens problem is about finding how many different ways queens can be placed on a chessboard so that none attack each other. A mathematician has now all but solved it. […]

The United Nations forecasts that nearly 11 billion people will be living on Earth at the end of the century, but other demographic research groups project that population will peak earlier and at a much lower level. […]

A painstaking study of wing morphology shows both the striking uniformity of individuals in a species and a subtle pattern of linked variations that evolution can exploit. […]

Mathematicians have expanded category theory into infinite dimensions, revealing new connections among mathematical concepts […]

Legend says the Chinese military once used a mathematical ruse to conceal its troop numbers. The technique relates to many deep areas of modern math research. […]

La llamada hipótesis del continuo es una pregunta fundamental en matemáticas y uno de los motores en el desarrollo de la teoría de conjuntos […]

Michael Freedman’s momentous 1981 proof of the four-dimensional Poincaré conjecture was on the verge of being lost. The editors of a new book are trying to save it. […]

Las llamadas ecuaciones de compatibilidad, recientemente descubiertas, establecen la calidad visual alcanzable con estas lentes […]

Mathematicians using the computer program Lean have verified the accuracy of a difficult theorem at the cutting edge of research mathematics. […]