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A new atomic-scale experiment all but settles the origin of the strong form of superconductivity seen in cuprate crystals, confirming a 35-year-old theory. […]

Un equipo de investigadores descubre que los espermatozoides van contra la corriente mejor cuando nadan juntos. […]

The freaky physics phenomenon of quantum tunneling may mutate genes […]

The James Webb Space Telescope’s first images of the distant universe shocked astronomers. Is the discovery of unimaginably distant galaxies a mirage, or a revolution? […]

A custom-built machine learning algorithm can predict when a complex system is about to switch to a wildly different mode of behavior. […]

New insights from black hole research may elucidate the cosmological event horizon […]

Scientists hope a laser-reflecting sphere will produce the most accurate measure so far of how Earth’s rotation warps space. […]

Two players leverage quantum rules to achieve a seemingly telepathic connection […]

Three computer scientists have posted a proof of the NLTS conjecture, showing that systems of entangled particles can remain difficult to analyze even away from extremes. […]

Investigadores de IBM, la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela y otros centros internacionales consiguen crear y romper enlaces entre los átomos de una molécula a voluntad, mediante pulsos de voltaje aplicados con la punta de un microscopio. El avance, portada […]