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El análisis indica que la materia espacial no tiene tantos ‘grumos’ o agrupaciones como predicen los modelos teóricos […]

Theory has it that “Population III” stars brought light to the cosmos. The James Webb Space Telescope may have just glimpsed them. […]

A new model could explain the scarcity of certain planet sizes […]

Detailed radio observations turn up previously unseen remnants of dying stars in the Galaxy. […]

Reports that the James Webb Space Telescope killed the reigning cosmological model turn out to have been exaggerated. But astronomers still have much to learn from distant galaxies glimpsed by Webb. […]

Se han encontrado estrellas a más de 1 millón de años luz de nosotros, casi a medio camino de Andrómeda […]

JWST has spotted three tiny, distant galaxies that could solve a long-standing cosmic mystery. […]

If we ever detect an Extraterrestrial Civilization (ETC) and start communicating with them, the messages could take years, decades, or even centuries to travel back and forth. […]

Scientists have new evidence about how cosmic cataclysms forge gold, platinum and other heavy members of the periodic table […]

Saturn’s moon Enceladus is one of the Solar System’s prime extraterrestrial locations for life to thrive. It harbors a global salty ocean that internal heating theoretically keeps at temperatures hospitable to an alien marine ecosystem. […]