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Fused neurons suggest ctenophores’ nervous system evolved independently of that in other animals.


Detailed analysis of the January 2022 event shows how underwater blasts generated huge waves that battered coastlines throughout the island nation.

Genomic analysis reveals that the wheat blast fungus spread independently from South America to two other continents.

Technique borrowed from nature, and honed using artificial intelligence, could spur the development of better drug-delivery systems.


How many invitees guarantee at least a certain number all know each other? Formula is first major improvement since 1935.

Finding could advance our understanding of how human olfactory proteins recognize specific scents, including the pong of ripe cheese.

Finding suggests that the sugar substitute sucralose could one day be used to treat autoimmune conditions.

Proof-of-concept mouse experiment will have a long road before use in humans is possible.


Geologists knew decades ago that a quake would strike southeastern Turkey, but precise prediction is still the stuff of science fiction.

A pair of studies offer the most detailed look yet at groups of hunter-gatherers living before, during and after the last ice age.