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With major spaceflight milestones behind it, China is working to build an international reputation for space science.

Phenomenon thought to occur only in exotic, high-energy physics environments seen in quantum material.

Topological effects might be hiding inside perfectly ordinary materials, waiting to reveal bizarre new particles or bolster quantum computing.

Results point to a single origin for modern canines and push back the timing by thousands of years.

Chemical produced by tomato plants in response to pest attack can change insect behaviour.

Data from thousands of single cells can be tricky to analyse, but software advances are making it easier.

Logic-defying experiments in quantum causality can twist the notion of time itself.

Engineered microbes turn a bacterium’s immune response against itself using CRISPR.

Large analyses dredge up ‘peripheral’ genetic associations that offer little biological insight, researchers say.

Emergence of colistin resistance in farm animals around the world takes researchers by surprise.