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A deep ammonia plume and a powerful magnetic field are among the many surprises uncovered by the Juno mission.

Canadian foundation says its field research could boost fisheries in Chile, but researchers doubt its motives.

Certain insects, and perhaps some vertebrates, lack permanent microbial residents in their intestines.

Objects unearthed at Native American burial site are remnants of an ancient space rock

A difference in brain biology between the sexes might render males most vulnerable to autism.

Immune cells that encompass and invade tumours could dictate the success or failure of therapy.

Ancient rock art research could piece together how the peoples who lived in the region some 5,700 years ago interacted.

Report prompts warnings that the polar region is ‘unravelling’.

Mice treated with a protein from umbilical cord plasma improved their performance on memory tests.

A series of odd findings have theorists hoping for new particles.