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Researchers around the world are eagerly awaiting the completion of Tiangong, to study topics from dark matter and gravitational waves to the growth of cancer and pathogenic bacteria.

The search for exotic ‘Majorana’ particles that could solve a big antimatter mystery is ramping up around the world.

Machine-learning systems from the company and from a rival academic group are now open source and freely accessible.

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Scientists are mapping correlations between race, poverty and heat in cities, and suggesting solutions to reduce the dangers.


Genome studies have discovered some genetic risk factors for disease — and could point to treatments.


Knowing which signatures in the blood predict protection against COVID-19 could speed the development of new vaccines.

Administering gene-editing treatment directly into the body could be a safe and effective way to treat a rare, life-threatening condition.


Fossilized bones found in Israel and China, including a specimen named ‘Dragon Man’, could belong to new types of ancient human. But the findings have sparked debate.

Scientists searching for extraterrestrial life should narrow their hunt to stars and planetary systems that have an occasional view of the Earth as it passes in front of the Sun.


Proof-assistant software handles an abstract concept at the cutting edge of research, revealing a bigger role for software in mathematics.