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Two groups of study participants were offered nutritionally identical diets. Those eating ultra-processed foods consumed more calories and gained weight.

Archaeologists think the ritual, which felled 137 children and 200 llamas, might have been motivated by recent natural disaster.

Our long-overlooked aquatic cousins have emotions, social lives, and intelligence—yet we continue to view them primarily as fillets. Some scientists hope to change that.

Humans and apes share nearly 99% of the same DNA, but language is one thing that seems to irreconcilably differentiate our species. Is that by necessity of nature, though, or simply a question of nurture?

This former Soviet territory just became the first country to support genetic information services for its citizens. Here’s what’s at stake.

Behind nearly every piece of science news you read is a magic number: the p-value.

It has no words for ownership and lots of ways to talk about sharing.

The technology behind the bitcoin cryptocurrency could make the trip from farm to table more transparent.

Origami is driving a revolution in materials science and robotics.

It’s a basic scary-movie rule: Never show the big, bad monster. Show his shadow, his tooth marks, his trail of slime. But as soon as you show his face, the fright bubble pops.