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Hotly anticipated technique fails to resolve disagreement over how fast cosmos is expanding — for now.

Triumph over five human opponents at Texas hold’em brings bots closer to solving complicated real-world problems.

Altering the genomes of entire animal populations could help to defeat disease and control pests, but researchers worry about the consequences of unleashing this new technology.

Cassandra Extavour has transformed understanding of animal development — while championing diversity, and nurturing a side career as a soprano.

‘Fragile topology’ is the latest addition to a group of quantum phenomena that give materials exotic — and exciting — properties.

Companies say they are close to commercializing cheap perovskite films that could disrupt solar power — but are they too optimistic?

The Dragonfly mission will explore Titan’s atmosphere and hydrocarbon lakes.

Proteins dating back more than one million years have been extracted from some fossils, and could help to answer some difficult questions about archaic humans.

NASA’s Curiosity rover reports the highest-ever reading of the gas at the planet’s surface.

Fluid gives robots power without adding weight — bringing them closer to autonomy.