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Knowing the 3-D build of the CB1 receptor could help researchers design drugs with fewer side effects.

A new way of encoding information could redefine the quantum bit.

It raises the question: how does the chemistry of other galaxies affect the possibility of life?

We have a long history of crashing spacecraft into various celestial bodies after we’re done with them. But it’s not just a way to dispose of hardware – the descent and collision can tell us plenty too.

Another exciting but somewhat shaky claim from the frantic world of particle physics

It’s been called humanity’s best chance for a second planet, but two NASA papers suggest life on Proxima b is a very long shot.

Thriving ancient societies often collapsed after a period of change – and a trio of anthropologists claim a statistical tool could let them predict when it will happen down the track.

If true, this would be a revolution of almost Einsteinian proportions. But don’t fall off your chair just yet.

The Barbados bullfinch and Carib grackle are no birdbrains – but the ability to pass a tricky test wasn’t correlated with traits such as shyness or problem-solving.

The Olympics are a stirring demonstration of human physical achievement – and physics.