Art and science are two forms of knowledge that seem distant, mainly because of professional specialisation and compartmentalised education. The study of this artificial separation created the stereotype of the two cultures, of sciences and […]

Over the past few months, several national and international agencies have issued various alerts on the expansion of a type of fungus, called Candida auris, which causes serious infections in critical hospital patients. […]

The expression ‘publish or perish’ is popular in the scientific world, since it shows the importance of publications in the curricula of the research staff. There is more to science than observing, obtaining results and […]

Are the current education systems and programmes effective? The debate generated around this topic has increased in recent years. Many experts argue that educational theory and practice implemented in centres is lacking scientific evidence. […]

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health in the next few years, according to the World Health Organization. Bacteria suffer genetic mutations which make them resistant to antibiotics, and this […]

A research team from the UPV/EHU is participating in the NASA Mars2020 mission, which aims to transport a new scientific vehicle to Mars to explore potential signs of life, evaluate its habitability and improve […]

El 16 de febrero comienza la segunda edición de Ciencia Clip, un concurso de vídeos divulgativos de ciencia diseñados, producidos y protagonizados por estudiantes de Educación Secundaria, Bachillerato y ciclos básicos y medios de Formación […]

On 13 February Bidebarrieta Library is hosting the 11th Darwin Day, a day that commemorates the anniversary of the birth of the author of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. This event, which […]

How do children and young people use the Internet? At what age do they start browsing? What type of risks are they exposed to? Research led by the UPV/EHU has analysed the way in […]

We have been investigating how to create intelligent machines for many years. Researchers in the 1950s and 60s wanted to program machines by hand, coding the knowledge of human beings and enabling them to […]