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NASA will spend 11 months upgrading the only piece of its Deep Space Network that can send commands to the probe, which has crossed into interstellar space. […]

Computer scientists established a new boundary on computationally verifiable knowledge. In doing so, they solved major open problems in quantum mechanics and pure mathematics. […]

La agencia espacial estadounidense acaba de bautizar al rover «Mars 2020», que despegará en verano de este año rumbo al planeta rojo […]

Building a beautiful robotic hand is one thing. Getting it to do your bidding is another. For all the hand-shaped prostheses designed to bend each intricate joint on cue, there’s still the problem of how to send that cue from […]

IBM utiliza cúbits ajustables, que son más fiables, para duplicar su volumen cuántico cada año. Por su parte, Google con sus rápidos cúbits de frecuencia fija, trabaja en la supremacía cuántica. Cada enfoque y cada compañía tiene sus propias ventajas […]

Hyper-accumulating plants thrive in metallic soil that kills other vegetation, and botanists are testing the potential of phytomining. […]

Although AI companies market software for recognizing emotions in faces, psychologists debate whether expressions can be read so easily. […]

La matemática afroamericana, que inspiró la película ‘Figuras Ocultas’, fue pionera en las misiones especiales de la NASA […]

Machine learning spots molecules that work even against ‘untreatable’ strains of bacteria. […]

The bricks in Wil Srubar’s lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder, aren’t just alive, they’re reproducing. They are churned out by bacteria that convert sand, nutrients, and other feedstocks into a form of biocement, much the way corals synthesize […]