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Mathematicians have expanded category theory into infinite dimensions, revealing new connections among mathematical concepts […]

Legend says the Chinese military once used a mathematical ruse to conceal its troop numbers. The technique relates to many deep areas of modern math research. […]

La llamada hipótesis del continuo es una pregunta fundamental en matemáticas y uno de los motores en el desarrollo de la teoría de conjuntos […]

Michael Freedman’s momentous 1981 proof of the four-dimensional Poincaré conjecture was on the verge of being lost. The editors of a new book are trying to save it. […]

Las llamadas ecuaciones de compatibilidad, recientemente descubiertas, establecen la calidad visual alcanzable con estas lentes […]

Mathematicians using the computer program Lean have verified the accuracy of a difficult theorem at the cutting edge of research mathematics. […]

Ni siquiera el popular videojuego ‘Is this prime?’ resulta infalible a la hora de determinar si una cifra es prima o no. No obstante, el programa funciona casi a la perfección y ofrece un reto agradable para los amantes de […]

Using high school algebra and geometry, and knowing just one rational point on a circle or elliptic curve, we can locate infinitely many others. […]

Laurent Fargues and Peter Scholze have found a new, more powerful way of connecting number theory and geometry as part of the sweeping Langlands program. […]

For 50 years, mathematicians have believed that the total number of real numbers is unknowable. A new proof suggests otherwise. […]