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Aunque muchos lo achaquen a razones que van desde la magia a la belleza, lo cierto es que la explicación no puede ser más racional

A cold-war-era corporation targeted voters and presaged many of today’s big-data controversies.


Computer scientists are trying to build an AI system that can win a gold medal at the world’s premier math competition.


Renormalization has become perhaps the single most important advance in theoretical physics in 50 years.


Sir Ronald Ross descubrió el papel clave de los mosquitos en la transmisión de la malaria, por lo que obtuvo el premio Nobel de Fisiología o Medicina en 1902. Menos conocidos son sus intentos de desarrollar lo que él llamó una “teoría de los eventos”.

Three mathematicians have resolved a fundamental question about straight paths on the 12-sided Platonic solid.

AI tools are shaping next-generation theorem provers, and with them the relationship between math and machine.


Symplectic geometry is a relatively new field with implications for much of modern mathematics. Here’s what it’s all about.

Why do mathematicians enjoy proving the same results in different ways?

To recognize strange extraterrestrial life and solve biological mysteries on this planet, scientists are searching for an objective definition for life’s basic units.

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