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Modular forms are one of the most beautiful and mysterious objects in mathematics. What are they?

Number theorist Andrew Granville on what mathematics really is — and why objectivity is never quite within reach.


Mathematicians can often figure out what happens as quantities grow infinitely large. What about when they are just a little big?

Cómo resolver el problema para que los clientes de un hotel ocupen todas las habitaciones sin repetir ninguna

Mathematicians probe the limits of randomness in new work estimating quantities called Ramsey numbers.

Desde que la humanidad ha mirado las estrellas, el concepto de infinito ha penetrado con fuerza en nuestras mentes. Lo que está más allá de nuestra imaginación, aquello que es inalcanzable e inabarcable… Todo ello, y mucho más, es en realidad el infinito.

Un producto de matrices, diferente al que estudiamos en el colegio, resulta crucial en diversas áreas de las matemáticas y en la solución de algunas conjeturas

It’s been known for thousands of years that the primes go on forever, but new proofs give fresh insights into how theorems depend on one another.

So-called “higher symmetries” are illuminating everything from particle decays to the behavior of complex quantum systems.


In 50 years of searching, mathematicians found only one example of a “subspace design” that fit their criteria. A new proof reveals that there are infinitely more out there.