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In three-dimensional space, the surface of a black hole must be a sphere. But a new result shows that in higher dimensions, an infinite number of configurations are possible. […]

El rechazo a las matemáticas muchas veces se ha convertido en el principal argumento por el que adolescentes no desean cursar carreras de carácter científico […]

Un modelo ideado para explicar el aumento de peces depredadores durante la Primera Guerra Mundial también se ha propuesto para estudiar fluctuaciones económicas […]

On nights and weekends, Justin Gilmer attacked an old question in pure math using the tools of information theory. […]

La teoría matemática de la división justa propone algoritmos para asignar tareas, diseñar subastas o gestionar el tráfico aéreo, de manera que todos los participantes queden satisfechos con la repartición […]

Four Fields Medals were awarded for major breakthroughs in geometry, combinatorics, statistical physics and number theory, even as mathematicians continued to wrestle with how computers are changing the discipline. […]

Mathematicians predicted that if they imposed enough restrictions on how a shape might tile space, they could force a periodic pattern to emerge. But they were wrong. […]

Inspired by the results of a game-playing neural network, mathematicians have been making unexpected advances on an age-old math problem. […]

Prolific generation of data drove the need for prefixes that denote 1027 and 1030. […]

Recent explorations of unique geometric worlds reveal perplexing patterns, including the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. […]