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Long ago, four giant beings arrived in southeast Australia. Three strode out to other parts of the continent, but one crouched in place. His body transformed into a volcano called Budj Bim, and his teeth became the lava the volcano […]

Zealandia, el séptimo continente de la Tierra y situado al este de Australia, se hundió después de un evento que cambió la velocidad y dirección de la mayoría de las placas tectónicas del planeta […]

Industria-iraultzaren ezaugarri nagusietakoa energia-kontsumoa izan zen: ikatza izan zen aldaketa bultzatu zuen erregaia. Orain frogatu dutenez, errekuntza haren aztarnak iraultzaren hasieratik bertatik metatu ziren Himalaiako goi-glaziarretan. […]

Scientists develop a new way to study lunar chemistry. […]

Rogue waves — enigmatic giants of the sea — were thought to be caused by two different mechanisms. But a new idea that borrows from the hinterlands of probability theory has the potential to predict them all. […]

The smoldering crater left by the apocalyptic space rock became a nice home for blue-green algae within years of the impact. […]

Supermassive black holes have a reputation for consuming everything in their path, from gas clouds to entire solar systems. So is there any way aliens could live on a world that actually orbited one of these cosmic beasts? Surprisingly, the […]

El campo gravitatorio de la Tierra no es una esfera uniforme y su intensidad va cambiando en función de los cambios estacionales y meteorológicos […]

Climate models published between 1970 and 2007 provided accurate forecasts of subsequently observed global surface warming. This finding shows the value of using global observations to vet climate models as the planet warms. […]

For the first time, scientists have a clear view of the line where the giant Thwaites Glacier is leaking water into the ocean. […]