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Tree rings, ice cores and sediment deposits could record changes in pollution during the global shutdown […]

Chicxulub simulations reveal trajectory of impact. […]

La merma del ozono atmosférico sobre la Antártida en el siglo pasado alteró el clima del hemisferio Sur. Pero con el progresivo restablecimiento de la capa, la tendencia que se indujo ha interrumpido su avance. […]

Six-hour weather forecasts have been used to validate estimates of climate change hundreds of years from now. Such tests have great potential — but only if our weather-forecasting and climate-prediction systems are unified. […]

A team of researchers at the University of Tokyo has revealed tantalizing details about Mars’ seismic activity for the very first time in one new study. These results could make or break theories surrounding the Red Planet’s origins and provide […]

The decline shows how far there is to go to curtail greenhouse gases over the long term […]

Podría ser la primera evidencia directa de la existencia de un planeta bebé […]

Durante décadas, los científicos han tratado de averiguar las razones de este inexplicable desplazamiento. La respuesta está en una «guerra magnética» que se libra cerca del núcleo terrestre […]

European scientists unravel a Martian mystery. […]

Forty years after the Mount St Helens eruption galvanized volcano researchers, they are using powerful new tools to spy on the world’s most dangerous mountains. […]