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Enhancements to the largely invisible framework will enable researchers to investigate pressing questions about our planet’s future. […]

Polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are known as ‘forever chemicals’ because they don’t naturally break down in the environment. Now a new study reveals the increasing pace of Arctic ice melt is leaking more of these chemicals into the environment. […]

A recent sampling from two California streams found nearly all juvenile salmon were infected with deadly parasites, and conditions are expected to worsen. […]

A centuries-old concept in soil science has recently been thrown out. Yet it remains a key ingredient in everything from climate models to advanced carbon-capture projects. […]

As Earth ruptures, micas kink. These kink bands hide in rocks millions of years old, preserving evidence of past quakes. […]

The NASA mission used seismic waves from marsquakes to perform a core-to-crust survey of the planet’s subsurface […]

Zelandia, microcontinente en su mayor parte sumergido, cuyas tierras emergidas forman Nueva Zelanda y Nueva Caledonia, tiene rocas de hace mil millones de años: parece que proceden del supercontinente Rodinia. […]

Han tenido que conjuntarse varios efectos para que unas lluvias torrenciales arrasen pueblos enteros. La lluvia misma es solo uno de ellos; también ha desempeñado un papel la topografía. […]

Volcanic eruptions spread harmful metals in the environment. Now the biggest study to date details exactly where they end up. […]

Imagínese comiendo una hamburguesa al punto perfecto, con beicon y queso fundido. Probablemente se le haga la boca agua. No se puede negar que a muchas personas nos encanta el sabor de la carne y el queso. Sin embargo, estos […]