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The thorny thought experiment has been turned into a real experiment — one that physicists use to probe the physics of information. […]

To make some of the most precise measurements we can of the world around us, scientists tend to go small – right down to the atomic scale, using a technique called atom interferometry. […]

On 15 April 2020, a wave of gamma rays, nature’s most powerful kind of light, washed across the Solar System like a storm front. First contact came above Mars, where photons at energies comparable to the radiation from a nuclear […]

Un paleontólogo y una ilustradora nos muestran cómo serían en la realidad las criaturas mitológicas, si se ajustaran a las reglas de la biomecánica. […]

The controversy over Majorana particles is eroding confidence in the field. More accountability and openness are needed — from authors, reviewers and journal editors. […]

Los electrones de un material suelen moverse más cuanto mayor es la temperatura, pero en las bicapas de grafeno giradas ocurre justo lo contrario. […]

The discrepancy between the theoretical prediction and the experimentally determined value of the muon’s magnetic moment has become slightly stronger with a new result from Fermilab. But what does it mean? […]

A potential chink in physicists’ understanding of fundamental particles and forces now looks more real. New measurements confirm a fleeting subatomic particle called the muon may be ever so slightly more magnetic than theory predicts, a team of more than […]

Científicos de la Universidad de Oviedo, el Donostia International Physics Center y otros centros internacionales han conseguido guiar la luz a lo largo de direcciones por las que hasta ahora no se podía en un material de espesor nanométrico. El […]

A result that has been 20 years in the making could reveal the existence of new particles, and upend fundamental physics. […]