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Electrons from a droplet of sodium and potassium turn water into a metallic material that conducts electricity. […]

When Derek Muller took an experimental land yacht for a spin this spring, he wasn’t aiming to stir up scientific controversy. He certainly wasn’t trying to win $US10,000 ($AU13,580) in a bet. […]

‘Magic angle’ twisted trilayer graphene doesn’t only have an impressively exotic name, it might be a particularly rare type of superconductor, according to new research – one that could be useful everywhere from medical equipment to quantum computers. […]

The search for exotic ‘Majorana’ particles that could solve a big antimatter mystery is ramping up around the world. […]

Quantum mechanics deals with the behavior of the Universe at the super-small scale: atoms and subatomic particles that operate in ways that classical physics can’t explain. In order to explore this tension between the quantum and the classical, scientists are […]

Naturan, infinitu norabidetan mugi daitezkeen milioika eta milioika atomo aurkitzeak honako hau ondorioztatzera garamatza: berez gertatzen diren prozesuek desordena handitzeko joera dutela. […]

A new set of equations can precisely describe the reflections of the Universe that appear in the warped light around a black hole. […]

A fluffy cluster of stars spilling across the sky may have a secret hidden in its heart: a swarm of over 100 stellar-mass black holes. […]

Investigadores del instituto ICMAB y la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona han analizado la respuesta térmica del germanio, un material semiconductor, bajo los efectos de un láser; y en contra de lo que se creía hasta ahora, el calor no se […]

El prometedor material, capaz de producir células ligeras, baratas y flexibles, lleva años luchando por mejorar capacidades como su estabilidad y su eficiencia a escala para desbancar al omnipresente silicio. Aunque sigue mejorando poco a poco, su nicho de mercado […]