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Three-dimensional supernova simulations have solved the mystery of why they explode at all. […]

Los teóricos de la probabilidad han identificado una falacia lógica en el argumento habitualmente usado para resolver el problema del ajuste fino a partir de la existencia de muchos universos. […]

Polarons are important nanoscale phenomena: a transient configuration between electrons and atoms (known as quasiparticles) that exist for only trillionths of a second. […]

El agujero negro supermasivo del centro de la Vía Láctea parece que rota despacio, según un análisis basado en las estrellas más cercanas a él. […]

Data from pulsars widens knowledge of dark matter and gravitational waves. […]

El hallazgo de una galaxia distante que se encuentra expulsando ingentes cantidades de gas podría obligar a reconsiderar por qué las grandes galaxias dejan de formar nuevas estrellas. […]

The observations are already challenging astrophysicists’ assumptions about how black holes form and influence their surroundings. The smaller black holes detected by LIGO and, now, the European gravitational wave detector Virgo in Italy have proved heavier and more varied than […]

Climate change and COVID-19 vaccines are among the themes set to shape research. […]

We don’t know why the universe appears to be expanding faster than it should. New ultra-precise distance measurements have only intensified the problem. […]

Team detects a huge increase and says it could be due to climate change, but others can’t confirm the findings. […]