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It was a Viking saga written in genes. In 2008, construction work on an isolated Estonian beach near the town of Salme uncovered the skeletons of more than 40 powerfully built men. They were buried around 750 C.E. in two […]

Some people who become ill with the coronavirus develop neurological symptoms. Scientists are struggling to understand why. […]

A novel form of immunological memory that was mostly ignored for a century extends the benefits of vaccines. It could be of help in ending the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

Months after infection with SARS-CoV-2, some people are still battling crushing fatigue, lung damage and other symptoms of ‘long COVID’. […]

Aiming to bolster conservation on the high seas, a team of marine researchers today released the first comprehensive survey of coral reefs in the high seas–the roughly two-thirds of the ocean outside of national jurisdictions. […]

Carpenter ants need endosymbiotic bacteria to guide the early development of their embryos. New work has reconstructed how this deep partnership evolved. […]

Why we need to understand them and respond. […]

“Trrrrrrrr. Trrrrrrrrr”. Egun-argitzea, Nafarroako oihan trinko batean. Laino artean, okil gibelnabarra ari da pago-adar batean “danborra joz” bere lurraldea hori dela aldarrikatzen. Bat-batean, hegan abiatu, eta basoak irentsi du. Nora joan ote da? Auskalo! […]

La encuesta diseñada por Nuria Oliver y su equipo ha recibido casi 280.000 respuestas desde el inicio de la pandemia y ha sido una de las herramientas de información más útiles. Ahora puede servir para saber por qué el coronavirus […]

In 2015, Sofia Sheikh was at loose ends. Her adviser at the University of California (UC), Berkeley, with whom she studied hot, giant exoplanets, had left for a new job. Browsing reddit, she saw a post about a lavishly funded […]