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The solar system is full of brines, and they’re crucial to the search for extraterrestrial life. […]

Los tomates actuales son una creación humana, fruto de una larga historia que abarca numerosas culturas y tradiciones agrícolas […]

No matter how much we’d like to eradicate SARS-CoV-2, it may be better to settle for other forms of control. […]

Investigadores del CNIO y el IRB Barcelona desvelan el funcionamiento de las proteínas HAT, que sirven de compuertas para la entrada y salida de aminoácidos en las células […]

The spate of furious wildfires around the world during the past decade has revealed to ecologists how much biodiversity and “pyrodiversity” go hand in hand. […]

Microplastics get into our bodies, potentially altering how certain cells convert sugar into energy, especially in the gut. Continued ingestion could cause chronic problems. […]

Fangs evolved over and over because of this groovy process […]

As fires get bigger and rage for more of the year, scientists are racing to understand the lingering impacts. […]

Bounty of acorns may be a sign of next spring’s weather […]

Pando, el organismo más grande del mundo, tiene una gran resiliencia, pero el cambio climático lo pone contra las cuerdas. […]