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Circadian neurons in fruit flies form synapses with different, noncircadian brain regions depending on the time of day.

Científicos españoles trabajan en un sistema de alerta temprana de tormentas solares. La actividad del sol causa problemas en las comunicaciones a diario, con consecuencias en nuestra vida cotidiana. Así se libra la batalla por anticiparse a sus efectos.

The human brain carries out many tasks at the same time, but how many? Now fMRI data has revealed just how parallel gray matter is.

The state of our body affects how we think the world works

Science, like any other field that attracts investment, is prone to bubbles. Overly optimistic investments in scientific fields, research methods and technologies generate episodes comparable to those experienced by financial markets prior to crashing.

Ezkuztako aztarnategian (Azpeitia, Gipuzkoa), Paleolitoko bi hagaxka eta beste tresna ugari topatu ditu ikertzaile-talde batek, tartean, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitateko Alvaro Arrizabalagak, Ikerbasqueko Maria Jose Iriartek eta Antxeta Kultura Elkarteko Javier Lazkanok.

A mysterious astronomical object known simply as G2 has intrigued and confounded researchers ever since it was found to be on a near-collision course with the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. When it failed to produce the predicted celestial fireworks over the past few months, astronomers were left scratching their heads. Now, one team thinks it has figured out why nothing happened: G2 is not a gas cloud but a strange, more stable object formed from a pair of recently merged stars.

Un repaso de las películas más taquilleras de la historia apenas ha encontrado correlación entre las más violentas y el número de asesinatos en los años siguientes a su estreno. En el caso de los juegos, la relación es incluso negativa. el aumento de su contenido violento ha coincidido con una reducción de la violencia juvenil en la vida real.

These particles should not have mass, but they do. By sending neutrinos through the ground from Illinois to Minnesota, physicists hope to learn why

Testing the multiverse hypothesis requires measuring whether our universe is statistically typical among the infinite variety of universes. But infinity does a number on statistics.