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Scientists achieved a record level of visual detail with an imaging technique that could help develop future electronics and better batteries


Researchers have begun to crack the code of protein structure, allowing them to remake, well, everything

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We are more dependent on water than many other mammals and have developed a host of clever strategies for obtaining it

Standard treatments such as steroids, as well as illnesses such as diabetes, make the fungal infection worse

In some respects, memory is poor. In others, it is astonishingly good


The Great Eastern Brood has been underground for 17 years. Here’s what the insects have been up to down there

Astronomers hope to use innovations from the subatomic world to construct breathtakingly large arrays of optical observatories


Scientists have known for decades that oyster mushrooms feasted on roundworms—and they’ve finally figured out how their toxins work

The discrepancy between the theoretical prediction and the experimentally determined value of the muon’s magnetic moment has become slightly stronger with a new result from Fermilab. But what does it mean?

A new wave of research seeks neurological signatures for a type of amnesia