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The same physics that makes quantum computers powerful also makes them finicky. New techniques aim to correct errors faster than they can build up


A speck-sized beetle overturns assumptions about flight mechanics

New research hints at the biophysical underpinnings of their ability to use Earth’s magnetic field lines to find their way to their breeding and wintering grounds


Humans evolved to be interdependent, not self-sufficient

Scientists say that the new material is even more durable than real dental enamel

Independent concepts from each nation envision launching high-speed spacecraft on aspirational multigenerational voyages into the great unknown of interstellar space


New evidence suggests an origin to an exceptionally hot period in Earth’s history

Ezaguna den moduan, pandemiak berak duen adinako presentzia irabazi du egun beste gertakari batek: negazionismoak, hain zuzen. Birusaren transmisioak gora egiten duen heinean, koronabirusaren existentzia edota larritasuna zalantzan ipinarazten dituzten ideiak ere areagotzen ari dira. Baina, zergatik? Zertan datza negazionismoa? Pandemiaren ostean, izango al du jarraipenik fenomeno horrek?


Trees die as a result of severe damage, but some have overcome storms, droughts, fires, and more to survive for thousands of years

One brain region is crucial for our ability to form and maintain a consistent identity both now and when thinking about the future