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Speaking to people’s priorities can build the will needed to implement climate solutions


A new model could explain the scarcity of certain planet sizes

Scientists are abandoning conventional thinking to search for extraterrestrial creatures that bear little resemblance to Earthlings

Scientists have new evidence about how cosmic cataclysms forge gold, platinum and other heavy members of the periodic table


Scientists demonstrate that crows are capable of recursion—a key feature in grammar. Not everyone is convinced


The large utility PacifiCorp is studying the viability of turning five fossil-fuel plants into nuclear-energy-and-storage facilities

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A sunfish found near the Azores breaks the 26-year-old record for the heftiest bony fish ever measured

Meltwater from Greenland churns the ocean, speeding the loss of glaciers like stirring ice cubes in a glass of water

Elegant experiments with entangled light have laid bare a profound mystery at the heart of reality


A new formation method for rare “lonsdaleite” diamonds may illuminate a better way to produce them on Earth