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In a mountain meadow in Colorado, ecologists have come across yet another example of the amazing interconnectedness of nature’s flora and fauna. Black bears, by eating ants, help one of the meadow’s key plant species thrive.

Super-pressure technology could keep gamma-ray telescope aloft for 100 days or more around Antarctica.

Researchers aim to set aside differences in search for life on distant spheres.

Scientists in West Africa are racing to determine what immunization strategies could be most effective to contain the epidemic.

Discovery of hydrogen-rich waters hints at unexplored microbial ecosystems.

Background gas levels are low — but they spike periodically.

Long-term orbital wobbles drive changes in sand patterns on Saturnian moon.

After a 30-year struggle to harness quantum weirdness for computing, physicists finally have their goal in reach.

Shell markings are the oldest abstract signs ever discovered.

People have infrared vision — and it could be the result of pairs of photons combining their energies to appear as one ‘visible’ photon.