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Rolling up an ancient river delta in Jezero Crater, the rover starts crucial rock sampling.

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The nervous and immune systems are tightly intertwined. Deciphering their chatter might help address many brain disorders and diseases.

The urban centres are the first to be discovered in the region, challenging archaeological dogma.

Scientists are trying to understand why the virus, a less lethal relative of smallpox, has cropped up in so many populations around the world.


Huge collection of genomes charts how hunter-gatherers turned into some of the world’s first farmers in Turkey.


The world’s most powerful rocket will make a trip around the Moon in 2022 — a step towards landing people there in 2025, and part of the US Artemis programme.

Oxybenzone — a chemical linked to coral bleaching — transforms from a UV-blocking agent into one that damages cells when exposed to light.


Using a technique to block certain wavelengths of light, researchers hope to discover many more hidden pulsars.

Plant scientists are turning to genome-editing techniques to precisely tailor the productivity and consumer appeal of important crops.


Implants are becoming more sophisticated — and are attracting commercial interest.