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Researchers have identified microscopic features that could make the pathogen more infectious than the SARS virus — and serve as drug targets.


These stellar remnants are some of the Universe’s most enigmatic objects — and they are finally starting to give up their secrets.


The vast, wild depths between light and shadow face increasing threats from climate change and overfishing.

Although AI companies market software for recognizing emotions in faces, psychologists debate whether expressions can be read so easily.


Scientists say climate change, deforestation and fires could cause the world’s largest rainforest to dry out. The big question is how soon that might happen.

Machine learning spots molecules that work even against ‘untreatable’ strains of bacteria.

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A new survey hints at a previously unknown space beyond Tutankhamun’s burial chamber.

In 1990, an oceanographer who had never worked on climate science proposed that ice-age cooling has been amplified by increased concentrations of iron in the sea — and instigated an explosion of research.

Across the globe, drained peatlands are emitting billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Scotland has emerged as a leader in efforts to restore bogs to health.


Improvements to a method known as base editing could pave the way for safer gene therapies.