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Our understanding of how mammalian embryos develop is based largely on mice. A study now reveals striking similarities and intriguing differences between mouse, cow and human embryos.

The science supports that face coverings save lives, and yet the debate trundles on. How much evidence is enough?


Researchers have spent decades searching for the elusive particles — a final generation of detectors should leave them no place to hide.

Researchers are exploring ways to use people’s voices to diagnose coronavirus infections, dementia, depression and much more.

Researchers say they have detected a group of lakes hidden under the red planet’s icy surface.


Infernos in South America’s Pantanal region have burnt twice the area of California’s fires this year. Researchers fear the rare ecosystem will never recover.


A cold-war-era corporation targeted voters and presaged many of today’s big-data controversies.


Immunization has always been a proxy for wider fears about social control, a history reminds us


A large volume of charcoal sold in Europe comes from tropical forests and is often incorrectly labelled, raising questions about whether it was logged illegally.

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Some people who become ill with the coronavirus develop neurological symptoms. Scientists are struggling to understand why.