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Some companies offer tests that rank embryos based on their risk of developing complex diseases such as schizophrenia or heart disease. Are they accurate — or ethical?


Perseverance has collected four rock samples from an ancient river delta where organisms might have thrived.

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Most of the people mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II were not close to her — research can shed light on the nature of their grief.


Vaccines inhaled through the mouth or nose might stop the coronavirus in its tracks, although there’s little evidence from human trials so far.

Data show that smoking, drinking alcohol and obesity are the biggest contributors to cancer worldwide.

Scientists hope a laser-reflecting sphere will produce the most accurate measure so far of how Earth’s rotation warps space.


Faecal transplants have helped some people to overcome resistance to powerful immunotherapies. Now dozens of trials are taking aim at the cancer–microbiome connection.


US government agency endorses tools to keep the Internet safe from quantum computers capable of cracking conventional encryption keys.

A technique that detects coronavirus strains circulating in a community could become an early-warning system.

Maryna Viazovska, who works on the geometry of spheres, is one of four winners of this year’s Fields Medals.