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A trove of new detections suggests that the bursts could be the result of at least two separate astrophysical phenomena.


Many scientists say there is not enough evidence that Biogen’s aducanumab is an effective therapy for the disease.

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Twelve candidates for the most powerful astrophysical particle accelerators in the Milky Way have been detected. This advance will help to uncover the nature of these exotic objects.


Archaeological finds suggest that people developed numbers tens of thousands of years ago. Scholars are now exploring the first detailed hypotheses about this life-changing invention.


The nonsensical computer-generated articles, spotted years after the problem was first seen, could lead to a wave of retractions.

The International Society for Stem Cell Research relaxed the famous 14-day rule on culturing human embryos in its latest research guidelines.


The first successful clinical test of a technique called optogenetics has allowed a person to see for the first time in decades, with the help of image-enhancing goggles.

As scientists learn more about enigmatic archaea, they’re finding clues about the evolution of the complex cells that make up people, plants and more.

Their structures were once controversial. Now researchers have discovered quasicrystals in the aftermath of a 1945 bomb test.


Wastewater tracking was used before the pandemic to monitor for polio and illicit drug use, but interest in the field and its applications has now ballooned.