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… or, well, maybe not for 100,000 years

Roasting would have been easy. But re-creating the paleo way of boiling water requires a bit more imagination.

Unlike many other gaudy animal ornaments, the red-and-orange heads of coot chicks are honest indicators of weakness and vulnerability.

It’s underwater—and the consequences are unimaginable.

Linguists now think our ancestors might have been chattering away for ages longer than they previously believed.

It’s about to get lit on the International Space Station.

A study has turned up a side effect of human spaceflight that no one had observed before.

The latest volley in a decades-long debate about apes’ theory of mind involved one scientist dressing up as King Kong and stealing from his colleague.

A photographer began shooting unusual-looking coyotes on Galveston Island. They turned out to be descended from a very rare wolf species.

A new way to revive rare breeds—and perhaps even endangered birds—from frozen cells