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When you stick ink-filled needles into your skin, your body’s defenders respond accordingly. Scientists aren’t sure if that’s good or bad for you.

The story of a long-lost moon


The world has been so close to eradicating polio for so long—which is exactly why the virus is staging a comeback now.

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In the cheeps, trills and tweets of birdsong, scientists find some parallels with human speech

A collection of tree seeds that went round and round the moon was scattered far and wide back home.


Archaeologists long assumed that the only lions on the continent were mythical. Then they started finding bones.

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The thick layer of mucilage that covered the Sea of Marmara for weeks was an unsettling glimpse of climate change’s more oozy effects.

The solar system is full of brines, and they’re crucial to the search for extraterrestrial life.