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Companies say they are close to commercializing cheap perovskite films that could disrupt solar power — but are they too optimistic?

The Dragonfly mission will explore Titan’s atmosphere and hydrocarbon lakes.

Proteins dating back more than one million years have been extracted from some fossils, and could help to answer some difficult questions about archaic humans.

NASA’s Curiosity rover reports the highest-ever reading of the gas at the planet’s surface.

Fluid gives robots power without adding weight — bringing them closer to autonomy.

Scientists are listening in on the ways viruses communicate and cooperate. Decoding what the microbes are saying could be a boon to human health.

Magnet generates an unprecedented 45.5-tesla field.

More-human than mice, the world’s tiniest primates may just have what it takes to become the next top model organism.

Survey finds that ‘normal’ human tissues are riddled with mutations.

Once a water-rich Eden, the hellish planet could reveal how to find habitable worlds around distant stars.