Regenerative Medicine: Using Stem Cells to Treat Human Diseases

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Research carried out over the past twenty years has found that the regeneration capacity of damaged tissue is connected to the presence of specific stem cells. This is precisely the premise on which regenerative medicine and cell therapy are based, where advanced therapy drugs are used to treat certain human diseases.

But which scientific principles justify the use of these drugs and which regulatory and scientific difficulties must be overcome in order to use them in clinical practice? Dr Felipe Prósper Cardoso, Head of the Cellular Therapy Unit and Co-director of the Haematology Unit at the Navarra University Clinic will discuss the reality and future challenges of cell therapies at a talk entitled “Regenerative Medicine: Using Stem Cells to Treat Human Diseases”, at 7pm on 31 January, at Bidebarrieta Library in Bilbao (Calle Bidebarrieta, 4).

Doctor in Pharmaceutical Technology at the UPV/EHU, Gorka Orive, will be in charge of leading this talk, which is part of the “Scientific Bidebarrieta” series organised every month by the Chair of Scientific Culture of the UPV/EHU and Bidebarrieta Library to discuss current scientific issues.

All the talks are free, subject to available seating. For those who are not able to attend, the talks are streamed live here.


Start date:
January 31st, 2018
End date:
January 31st, 2018
from 19:00 to 20:30


Bidebarrieta Liburutegia
Bidebarrieta 4

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