The Neanderthals: a never-ending research

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For the last 30 years, considerable advances have been made in our knowledge of the Neanderthals from various branches of science. Proposals have been made for overcoming the paradigm which still existed at the end of the 20th century. For example, genetics has tried to sequence their DNA, and nuclear physics has tried to date archaeological remains more accurately. However, what is the current research situation? What questions remain to be answered and what are the main unknown factors of this species?

Álvaro Arrizabalaga, Professor of Prehistory of the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, will give a talk entitled “Neanderthals: never-ending research”. The talk will be held on 24 February at 19.00 in AlhóndigaBilbao. Zientziateka is a monthly initiative organised by the Chair of Scientific Culture of the UPV/EHU and AlhóndigaBilbao to raise awareness of current scientific matters.

The talk will be in Basque.

NOTE: Tickets should be collected from the AlhóndigaBilbao Information Point. Entry is free.


Start date:
February 24th, 2015
End date:
February 24th, 2015
from 19:00 to 20:30


AlhondigaBilbaoko Mediateka aretoa (2. solairua)
Plaza Arriquibar, 4

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